“Bernie used his drive, enthusiasm and intelligence to work with us to execute a new plan to penetrate a new marketplace. His knowledge of the military marketplace and contacts are impressive, yet he was able to simplify his plan and was able to transform a high-level strategic plan into a step-by-step action plan.” 

-James Steffek, President:  M&I Electric, American Electric Technologies



“Bernie was hired to examine one of our divisions that contracted with the military market. Bernie saw potential where others did not and was able to develop and execute his program SPES. As of 2010, that division has almost tripled in sales and we are expecting it to double again this year.”

Dan Tenzer, ATC  President




“I hired Bernie McCamish to help me grow both profitability and sales.  His experience and business savvy have proven very valuable as he has restructured our pricing policy, revamped our customer interface program and is in the process of developing a strategic sales plan that maximizes our assets while minimizing our deficiencies. His programs are not based on what he has read in a book but on his own practical experience. His methods are not theoretical but are based on passionate execution”. The best way I can describe Bernie on a personal level is that if you push Bernie out of an airplane over a foreign jungle, he will find his own parachute on the way down.  By the time you get back, he has learned the language, met all the tribes and chieftains, constructed a runway, and have developed a new set of opportunities for your business.”

 John Dewey, CEO Dewey Electronics  




“I worked with Bernie McCamish for over 22 years. We became business partners in 1995. Through new product development, strategic sales effort and acquisitions, we grew our company from $5M to $25M.  Bernie played a key role in the planning and execution of each significant component of our growth.  He is a strategic thinker and a gifted salesman”.  

Principal and CEO:  Jon Carter, Ward Leonard Electric