Sales Planning and Execution


For many companies, creating the product is the easy part. The difficulty comes in developing an effective strategy for marketing and selling the product. Who are the right customers? How do I effectively reach them? What is the anticipated life cycle of my product? And what do I do when the life cycle of my product is coming to an end?


Having the answers to these and other key sales questions will ultimately define the success of a product. Companies with a well-planned sales strategy, followed by a comprehensive road map for execution, are the ones that have the greatest success when launching or re-launching their products.

MCG can help your business grow by developing a comprehensive sales program designed to optimize the profitability of your product or product line. 

Working with your sales team, McCamish Consulting will help you:

  • Create a winning sales strategy 
  • Design and execute a comprehensive sales program based upon that sales strategy 
  • Position your product for success through a detailed competitive assessment and evaluation of your objectives
  • Develop a successful launch plan for a new product or a product in development
  • Create a brand identity for your product
  • Reposition a legacy product for success
  • Establish ground rules for mutually beneficial sales relationships with customers
  • Identify and target new distribution channels
  • Implement pricing strategies that are a win/win for you and your customers


MCG knows how the right product behind the right sales plan will lead to significant financial reward. We have helped companies to find a marketplace for new product concepts, to create new sales opportunities for legacy products, and to establish lasting partnerships with even the most skeptical customers.