Acquisition and Assimilation


Every day, acquisitions and mergers are being used by companies as a means of building sales and profitability. But more often than not, those companies do not have a strategic acquisition plan in place. Without such a plan, a merger or acquisition that, at the time, may seem perfect but can end up doing irreparable damage. Both small and large businesses alike have been undone by acquisitions and mergers that have simply failed.


MCG can help your business grow by developing a comprehensive strategic program focused on successful mergers and acquisitions. 

As part of this, we will help you:

  • Identify and target acquisition prospects that are right for your company
  • Assess the wants and needs of the acquisition target and position your company strategically
  • Clarify your company’s growth objectives to develop a list of “ideal” acquisition candidates 
  • Develop acquisition pursuit and dismissal strategies
  • Assess the risks and rewards for the potential acquisition
  • Implement due diligence research on target companies
  • Create a pricing strategy that will optimize your return on investment
  • Develop a comprehensive action plan for negotiating and closing the deal 
  • Develop turnaround strategies for the acquired business
  • Successfully assimilate the acquired company’s operations into yours


McCamish Consulting knows how successful acquisition strategies will lead to significant financial reward. We have been involved in the review of hundreds of companies for acquisition and the acquisition of seven. These acquisitions have turned potential into profit. We know how to find the hidden potential in a company, price the acquisition favorably for both sides, and get the deal done to the satisfaction of all parties. We will help you turn potential into profit.  Whether you want to buy or sell, MCG is the right consultant to call