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 McCamish Consulting Group was started due to the growing need for a consulting firm that delivered results that lead directly to profit for its clients.  McCamish Consulting Group works with its clients to focus its energy on getting a better understanding of its customers, its competition and its true cost.  With this knowledge, and a quality product, McCamish Consulting Group will help its clients to drive up both sales and profitability.   


Background on the Principal

Bernie McCamish graduated from Columbia University in New York City with a BSME in 1983. He joined Ward Leonard Electric Company in Government Contracting and Sales. Over the next two decades, Bernie served Ward Leonard in Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Quality Control, and Manufacturing. Bernie became a partner in 1995, and through organic growth, as well as acquisition, he helped grow the company 500% in eleven years.

Bernie sold his stock in Ward Leonard and started McCamish Consulting Group in 2006.




McCamish Consulting Group has three primary programs:

  • Gross Margin Improvement
  • Sales Planning and Execution
  • Acquisition and Assimilation

Each of these services begins with a two day trial period, in which, McCamish Consulting Group meets with the client to draft the plan of execution.  Each of these services are described in more detail.  Please refer to the appropriate tab above.

Why McCamish Consulting Group



With more than twenty years of successful experience in growing a small defense company, Bernie McCamish understands how to drive a company to profitability.  Also, while performing due diligence on over 300 companies, Bernie McCamish has learned how to look for potential that could be turned into profit.  Whether it revolves around pricing, sales execution or acquisition, Bernie McCamish can apply his experience to grow the profitability of your company 

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